Challenge your plans for 2013 using the questions in this article.

Have you developed or refined your strategic plans for 2013 as yet? Is the direction clear? What will be the three key focuses / strategies? What has to change?

The current period can be a time each year when many businesses are slowing down after a hectic calendar year and other businesses (such as retail) are ramping up for the busy holiday period. Regardless of whether you ramping up or slowing down traditionally this is the time of year when many business sit back, reflect on the previous 12 months, look at what has worked and what hasn’t before refreshing their plans for the year ahead.

To help you challenge your plans for 2013 and implement a game changing strategy we have provided the 10 questions below:

1.    Do you have a clear competitive advantage? Will it stand up in the 2013 market?

2.    Has your current year’s strategy delivered the results you are seeking? If so what are the lessons? If not what will you need to change?

3.    Is your vision for 2013 clear and documented?

4.    What are your top 3 focuses for 2013?

5.    What will be your overall theme for the business in 2013? i.e. profit, expansion, quality

6.    How will you hold your team accountable and guarantee implementation of new strategies occurs?

7.    Have you addressed in your plans the blockages that will prevent you achieving your goals?

8.    What will be your new innovations in 2013 for your products / services?

9.    Where are the bright spots within your business to focus on, learn from and leverage? (what is an area of the business that has worked very well)

10.    How will you ‘evolve’ your products / services to address the 2013 issues being faced by your target market? What are their needs in 2013?

Here are some further resources to assist you with your planning:

1.    Complete our Growth and Profit Solutions Diagnostic to pin-point your Top 3 business and personal issues / opportunities to focus on for 2013 (see our website – click on resources)

2.    Contact us for  our One Page Plan template for use in documenting your plans with a clear NOW, WHERE and HOW you will get there

Don’t miss this window of opportunity in your business to plan for 2013 in order to hit the ground running in the new year.

If you require assistance with your planning for 2013 please contact us and we can arrange a discussion to determine how we can assist?