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Small Business Contentment Survey

Taylah Wallace – Monday, February 06, 2017

If you own or manage a small business ask yourself the following questions and answer them with brutal honesty. 

1. Do you enjoy owning/managing the business?

2. Do you feel in control of the management of the business 

    (including sales & marketing, operations, human resources, innovation

    and finance)?

3. Do you have enough discretionary time to engage in personal pursuits,

    spend with your family and to have sufficient holidays?

4. Are you generating enough cash to provide your desired lifestyle AND

    to grow the business AND to provide for your ultimate retirement

    AND to build up assets outside the business?

5. Does your business avoid adding any undue stress to your life?

6. Do you have the business and lifestyle that you dream of?

7. Do you have someone who understands you and your goals

    and who you can talk with to continually move forward to 

    achieve those goals?

Contentment is to be "satisfied with one’s lot; to be happy".  Owning your own business should be an opportunity to achieve this.  We live in a volatile and complex world BUT this does not preclude any small business owner from achieving contentment.

If you answered "no" to any of these questions you may benefit from one of our Grow Advisory growth programs.  These programs are designed to achieve contentment (as defined in the questions above) through your business.